Plain Chiffon Cake

I don't know why my chiffon cake sink although I inverted it immediately when it came out from my smart oven. And cut it only when it was completely cool.

Layer Cake

Layer Cake

I think the best word to describe this layer cake is "EeeeeeYaaakkk"!! Yes, it is really EeeYak as you can see from the photo, it is so oily and the texture is so solid. I just ate a piece of it and the rest, hehe, dustbin lo! Haih, such a big "kaolat", wasted my money only.

Whole Meal Bread

The first bread I baked at home. I used my mixer to mix the flour and all the ingredients, but too mixer getting hotter and hotter. I am afraid that it will "poooooommmmmmm". At the end I have to knead it by myself. And the most interested part was, all my sweat "spilled" into the bread mixture...Hahahaaaa...but thanks to all my supporter, for eating all the bread as well. Kamsia kamsia!!!

Fresh Manggo Kiwi Cake

Nuuuu, this is the first cake I baked using my smart oven. I decorated it with fresh kiwi and manggo, and top with a layer of jelly.

My Smart Oven

My father bought this oven for me after I attended the first baking course. And here, I want to tell my oven, "Oven, I love you so much. Without you, I still need to use the old old, round round type oven, the 60's or 70's oven, no temperature setting, no timer and small in size eh. Hehe, big thanks to you lah, my smart oven." Of course, the most important is to thank the sponsor, my smart Papa for buying the smart oven for his smart daughter...yeeeheeeeee! Muuaakk..muuaakkk..muaakkssssssss....

Tuna Puff

This is the first time I baked tuna puffs at home. Feel great when I see the puff's layer expanding inside the oven.

Coffee Cake

My dad likes this cake, because he is coffee lover. Hehe...

Mini Cream Puff

"六只可爱的小黄鸭,摆摆走来的摇摇尾巴…", still remember this children song? See, the little ducks are singing and dancing beside my mini creampuff leh, cute right?

Sugee Cake

MnnnHmm! My mom's favorite cake. The special ingredients of this cake are sugee, nutmeg powder, keat peah (吉饼), tungkwa (冬瓜) and almond flakes.

Butter Cake

The most traditional cake and my family like this cake very much. It is easy to bake and delicious. See carefully the texture of that small piece of cake that has been cut out, very soft and smooth right? For me, the main reason I like this butter cake is because of the cake's texture. Feel like my tongue is licking and tasting something smoooooooooooth...ssslllleeepppp.