Swiss Bun

Today I have tried to bake swiss bun. Everything was fine, just that the bread become dark after baked for 20mins. Hehe, I brushed too much of egg york already..

Healthy Wholemeal Bread

Bake using breadmaker, just put all the ingredients into the breadmaker and let it do the rest. Eng kah cheng…

Lovely Chocolate Banana Cake

Cake for …? Very obvious right? A heart shape chocolate banana cake, surrounded by heart shape chocolate. Just like my love for you lo, my dear…hehe..

Blueberry Mousse Cake & Coffee Mousse Cake

Blueberry Mousse Cake
Blueberry Mousse Cake
Kiak kiak kiak, I am very satisfied with these two cakes. I spent my whole day just to bake them for my parents. Again, who am I? I am Ah Shui la! The cakes are just like me…SHUI AH! Hehehhee..

Mango Yogurt Cake

This year my niece requested for powerpuff girl cake. I used mango slice to decorate the cake and put the powerpuff girl on top. Shui ler!

Chocolate Banana Cake

I decorated the chocolate banana cake with m&m chocolate for my niece. The cake was so colourful, children sure will like it. But the next day when I saw it, the m&m chocolate "lut seik" (落色). Haha…

Chocolate Mousse Cake

A birthday cake that full with chocolate for my brother. Chocolate lover sure will like it.

Tiramisu Cake

Birthday cake for myself. Cheese+coffee+kahlua taste, fantastic!

Pineapple Tart

Wah, this is nice. I bought the ready make pineapple filling from ingredient shop and make the "skin" at home. Save my energy and time, clever ler!

Marble Cheese Cake

Super ho ciak cheesecake. My family likes to eat. But nowadays, cream cheese is super expensive. Sad sad..

Scotland Biskuit

Very easy to bake and very very tasty. Just like the one you bought from Scotland.

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Pre-mix cheese cake bought from cold storage. Very easy to make, taste was not bad, but too sweet. For those who has no experience in baking at all, maybe can try this lo. Hehe...

Barbie Doll Cake

My niece requested a barbie cake for her 3 years old birthday party. I do not want to disappoint her even though I do not know how to make it. I get the idea from internet, sample from bakery shop and of course, own imagination to make a barbie cake for her. This is the one I made for her during her 3 years old birthday. The top part is designed by my mom as she is a tailor mah…so, sap sap sooi la..haha…

Passion Fruit Manggo Cake

First fresh cream cake that baked for my dear bf, hope he will like it. I would like to thank him for being with me all the time, especially when I am down. He encourages me and makes me "up". Hehe... Also, when I failed to bake a nice cake, he was always there to tell me the reason why I failed. He is sooooooooo expert leh! Don't play play ah!!! hahahaa...

Pandan Layer cake

Fast and easy are the best words to describe the baking process. Just need to spend less than 2 hours to make it and the cake is easy to do as well. Most important, the cake is very very yummy. Chin ho ciak!

Jelly and Snowskin Mooncake

Huuhaaahaaahaaaa! I sold the jelly and snowskin mooncakes during mooncake festival. Many people ordered from me leh, hehe. But, without my dear and mummy help, I am not able to do it, super tired. Thanks for all your help oh! We did 4 flavours of the jelly mooncake which are lychee, greentea, manggo and honey dew.

Cheese Tart

My favorite cheese tart, I follow the recipe which I copied from television program few years ago. Taste good! Better than buy from outside, sooooooo expensive,hoh?

Chocolate Banana Cake

Big chocolate banana cake, yummy.

Mini Black Forest Cake

I make 5 mini black forest cakes and gave to my friends. I like the mini cake very much as they are very cute. Just like me…hahahhaha


Pizza bread make using bread maker. Then apply some sause, tuna, onion, ….and finally cheese…sent to smart oven to bake!

水果篮面包 (Fruit Basket Bread)

Haha, another 失败品 ("failed product"). The bread suddenly sank before it was done. Why? Not sure leh, maybe too much liquid? Don't care la, just used it as fruit basket la.

White Plain Bread

Naaahh, this one la, called "success". Finally can get a perfect one. <失败是成功之母嘛>...嗯,为什么成功的妈妈要叫失败? Pantang lo…hahaha…

屁股形+大便面包 (Pet Pet Shape + Shit bread)

I named it as 屁股形+大便面包 (Pet Pet Shape + Shit bread) because hior, it really looks like a shit came out from pet pet. Well, this was not purposely "designed" by me, it was "shaped" by my smart bread maker. Don't believe? Haha, I don't know what I did or what ingredient I used until the bread came out from the bread maker become this special shape. But I treat it as a piece of "art". Haha... 自我安慰...

Bread Maker

Tang tang tang tang!!!! Bread maker bought in cosway. I felt very excited when I knew that there is a thing called "bread maker" in this world. (Hehe, maybe I am too "sua pa") I quickly bought one unit back home. It is just like mini washing machine, haha...soooooooooooooo cute. I was so happy that I no need to knead the flour with my own energy anymore, I am too weak to do this kind of "exercise", very "jiak lat"..."wa bo lat" lah!!


Friend ordered creampuff from me for don't know what function, hehe…

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry cake for my cousin, another type of deco learnt from book. Erm, not easy to deco a cake leh, especially fresh cream cake, the cream melted so fast, difficult to control. More practice is needed to get a better result. Kampate!!!

Manderin Orange Longan Cake

I learnt the decoration from book, just get some brief idea and deco it by myself. That time I had manderin orange and longan at home, so just used them to deco my cake.

Black Forest Cake

Ordered by colleagues, everyone said the cake is nice and good taste…hehe, thanks for all your support leh.

Fresh Kiwi and Peach Cake

My friend ordered the peach kiwi cake from me for her friend's birthday party.

Swiss Roll