Anyone know what are these by looking at their outlook? Guess??
A rabbit shape container?
And a bear shape container?
A hint for you, it is something related to egg, a hard boiled egg... Haha...
Well, let me introduce to all of you, it is used to shape an egg. Get my point now?
First of all, prepare a hard boiled egg, when it is still hot, put it into the cute shaper. Wait for few minutes, or until the egg is cool.
Tang tang tang tang!!!!!! Yeh, now the normal round hard boiled egg becomes so cute in rabbit and bead shape. Hahahaha...
Amazing! I just love it. How about you?

Bangkali Cheese Bread and Bangkali Garlic Bread

After attended the 2nd flogger gathering, I decided to make my own bangkali cheese bread because the bangkali cheese bread served at Edelweiss Restaurant was delicious. Well, I do not know exactly the ingredients they used, but from the outlook of the bread, it looks like simple dish which ingredients are bangkali bread and cheese. Ops, almost forgot, there is another ingredient, called onion!

I made my own bangkali cheese bread without onion, hmm, the taste was not bad, especially when the minutes it came out from my smart oven, the fragrance and the taste were fantastic.

Other than that, I did tried bangkali garlic bread too. Weeeew, one word to describe everything, SHUI!
Please try out your recipe and share it with me, ok?