Kuih Puluh

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my blog's readers!!! Have been long time didn't post my recipe, so sorry.

This time I would like to share another recipe, a simple yet delicious new year Kuih Puluh recipe.

Prepare ingredients as listed below:
1. 300g eggs
2. 300g sugar
3. 180g plain flour
Ingredients needed

1.Beat eggs and sugar until stiff.
2. Mix 30g of flour with 100g of egg mixture. Mix well for a smooth texture.
3. Brush a copper mould with oil, heat in a preheated oven at 170C until hot. Pour the mixture into the mould and bake for about 15-20minutes.4. Unmold and store in an airtight container when cooled.Hint:
Beat the egg mixture until thick right before adding in flour for a fluffier texture.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Japan

During my stay in Japan, I have been visited to many places. And now, let me first start sharing with all of you about the famous Krispy Kreme doughnut in Japan.
The time we reached Krispy Kreme shop, not surprisingly, the queue is just like what I expected, very long. Well, no matter how, we just want to try the doughnut. So, let’s queue up! After waiting for about 10 minutes, a freshly fried doughnut was given to everyone of us. Yeh! I got a free doughnut. Hehee…
Free plain icing doughnut
After my first bite, yummy!
While we were waiting there, I took the photos of how the doughnuts were made. To me, that was the most attractive part. Hehe…

First stage, Mixing & Extruding,
Next, Proofing,
Finally, Cooling & Boxing,
Doughnuts with different filling and topping after went through all the processes.
We bought 4 different types of doughnut, they are so delicious. I will try it again when there is a chance.

Cheesy flavour...so delicious!