Bread Maker

Tang tang tang tang!!!! Bread maker bought in cosway. I felt very excited when I knew that there is a thing called "bread maker" in this world. (Hehe, maybe I am too "sua pa") I quickly bought one unit back home. It is just like mini washing machine, haha...soooooooooooooo cute. I was so happy that I no need to knead the flour with my own energy anymore, I am too weak to do this kind of "exercise", very "jiak lat"..."wa bo lat" lah!!


guan n bhong said...

how is the function of the bread maker? is it easy to use? i'm in mind to buy a bread maker but don't kwow which brand maker is easy and tahan lasak. My fren told me the A-way one is good but is over my budget.

Ah Shui said...

Yes, this breadmaker is good and easy to use. You can bake plain bread, wheat bread, or just making dough and bring it out from the machine and roll the dough into ball or whatever shape that you want, then bake it in oven. I have already use it for few years, even my mom can handle the machine well. They have new cosway breadmaker and I bought it too. It is for my mom.