Garlic Bread

After I baked the first garlic bread and the taste was not bad, I have decided to bake for the second time. This round, I used a different bread, which is Italian bread. The ingredients used were the same as before, just that I added some herbs this round, and the taste was really fantastic.
Before bakedAfter baked
Italian bread (I bought from tesco)
Garlic (chop)
Butter (soften)

1. Slice bread.
2. Mix the butter and garlic well.
3. Spread the bread with mixed butter garlic.
4. Sprinkle with heabs.
5. Bake at 150°C until it is golden color and crunchy.
6. Serve with mushroom soup or a cup of coffee.
7. Clean up your kitchen after meal. Hahaha...

Please give it a try, it is really tasty and easy to make. I and my family like it soooo much.

Thanks to Criz and Buzzingbee for leaving me a comment in my first garlic bread post, from there I changed my "normal garlic bread" to Italian bread and of course, I added with herbs this round to make my garlic bread taste much more better.


Anonymous said...

This garlic bread looks nice, exactly like those serve in the restaurant. Would try out the recipe...

Jason Wong said...

It looks nice and crispy. Try the garlic bread at Francis Western Food at the corner of Contement Raod and Burmah Road. Texture different, it is soft and moist.

Next gathering you can supply garlic bread lah!

cariso said...

Ah shui, Looking fwd to taste k...:)

email2me said...

Hey .... got cook mushroom soup or not ? If not how to test power .... lol .....

Anonymous said...

i cannot eat raw garlic. but garlic bread is fine for me, i think. as long as the bread doesn't have raw garlic, that will be fine for me. hehe.

Anonymous said...

wow looks very yummy. great job!
I've made it alot of times since the first time..coz my parents think i'm good at it already and I should be the one always making it >_< cham!!

Now I wanna learn how to make mushroom/chicken soup. You know how??

Baby Kangaroo said...

Ah Shui ~ the herbs u use in ur garlic bread is what herbs ark ?

Ah Shui said...

Hi baby kangaroo, you can use parsley. do you bake also?