Asam Laksa

My bf's colleague gave him a pack of Asam Laksa Paste during their lunch gathering. By looking at the instructions written at the pack, it seems like very easy to cook. Now, I have tried and it is proven that really easy.
LAKSOUP asam laksa paste
Instruction given ( click to enlarge)

Ingredients needed:
Kambong fish (steam until cooked)
Remove fish bone
Laksa hoon
Onion, cucumber, chili, ginger bud
Mint leave
Laksa paste in pack

How to cook:
Pour the asam laksa paste into a pan
Add in water
Add in fish and bring it to boil
Get ready all the laksa hoon and vegetable in a bowl
Add laksa soup
Easy? It was sour but after added in prawn paste, the taste more like asam laksa. Haha, hard to explain, but overall it was not bad. I would recommend to those asam laksa fans who always travel to other country or places out of Penang, in case suddenly think of Penang asam laksa, that is the way to get it. Do you agree?


Happy Craft said...

ha ha! u need it! u need it!

Ah Shui said...

Yeah, I really need it...

LinG.琳 said...

Bring it to Japan~!! m sure u will miss laksa in penang.. LOL