Milk Dessert

I bought few packs of milk dessert with three different flavours which are strawberry, kiwi and peach from Japan. They are easy to make and that's why I bought back for my nieces to "DIY" the milk dessert.
Follow the instructions, pour out the mixture and mix with 150ml milk.
Kiwi flavour
Strawberry flavour

After added milk,Stir.. stir...stir..
Pour into container and keep in fridge until cold before serving.
The desserts taste like yogurt, texture like pudding and it is quite delicious. I saw this in Jaya Jusco Queensbay few days ago, selling price at about RM5.xx per pack. If you like it, you can get one and try it out too. Hehe...


cariso said...

What kind of milk to add into uh? Which flavour is the nicest uh? Are they very sweet?

Ah Shui said...

I added in fresh milk, bought in super market. I like strawberry, but I think there are still other flavor other than these 3. Not so sweet, just nice.