Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

You just need 3 main ingredients with 3 easy steps to make an egg mayonnaise sandwich. It is good to be served as breakfast or tea break.

3 main ingredients:
1. Boiled egg
2. Mayonnaise
3. Bread

3 easy steps:
1. Mix the mayonnaise and egg in a bowl.
2. Crush the egg mixture with a fork.
3. Spread the mixture on the bread.
Easy right? You can actually add in some pepper and salt into the mixture to make the taste better, if desired. Normally I prepare this at night and keep in fridge, so the next morning I can eat before I go to work or sometimes I bring it to work.


LinG.琳 said...

this is good n suitable for me now..u know laa..cant really cook here~almost 4get this sandwich d~good~!! thz for reminding~!!

Ah Shui said...

haha...u r most welcome...lazy ppl there say no time worrr....haahha...nvm la, after u grad come pg, we bake together, sure will have fun lo...come come come....

CRIZ LAI said...

Quick breakfast one order please.. haha. You can try adding in some chilled chicken breast meat (pak cham kai meat would be ideal) and of course some mixed herbs.

Ah Shui said...

Haha, Criz...i am sure u like herbs A LOT...haha...u suggested me to put herbs in almost all my post...okok, let me buy one and keep it at home so that i can use it anytime...hehehe...pak cham kai? hmm, u try it before?

weingseen said...

Hey, I been googling around for some egg mayo sandwich..
uhm do u mind specific a bit as how many eggs to be with how much of mayo etc?
oh ya adding onion to the ingredient would definitely made it much more delicious because i love onion very much..

Ah Shui said...

Hi weingseen,

Normally I boil 2-3 eggs for 3-4 persons, after that I add in the mayonnaise and crush the egg, I will add in the mayo slowly until the mixture is moist enough, erm, maybe is 4-5 table spoon. Onion? hmm..good idea, I like onion too, maybe can add in next time...thanks for your good idea...hehe