First Baking Course from CAC

The first course that I had attended is "Pastry and Bakery" course, from CAC - the Centre of Proffesional Cookery. It was a good place to start my learning journey as our chef covers the basic lesson that every baker should have.

Egg Tart and Fruit Tart
To bake a nice and delicious egg tart is not easy. As you can see from the photo, successful egg tart is shown on top left of the photo. While on the top right, also an egg tart but the egg mixture was absorbed into the pasrty, FAIL!!! The two fruit tarts on bottom were decorated by me leh, look like what har? old man? monkey? ... hehe, no comment..

I think for every beginner, it is good to start with cookies as it is easy to bake and not easy to fail. Of course, to bake a really nice cookies, there are also few things to take note also. Am I right?

Doughnuts, Creampuff and Swan Lohengrin
I like to eat creampuff since I was kid, my dad always bought me creampuff and I like to eat when it is cold. So I normally kept in fridge for one whole night and eat in the next morning. Now I have the chance to make my own creampuff, yeeeheeee…happy leh. The right one is donut coated with chocolate.

Puff Pastry
Tuna Puff
Chicken Pie
The story of how the puff pastry was invented is interesting. Once upon a time, A French baker forgot to add the butter to a dough and at the end he wrapped the butter in the dough. This result in airy, puffy mixture and the taste was great. Later, this method was used to make a puff pastry. The process of making puff is a bit complicated for beginner, and special ingredient need to be used, that is pastry marjerin.

Croissants / Danish Pastries
Such a nice and delicious pastries.


White Pan Bread
Plain Bun
Bun with different filling
I feel unbelievable when I saw the bread was baked out perfectly. Finally, I know how to bake bread. Yuh Huh!!!

You can have different kind of topping for the doughnut. You can either sprinkle them with icing sugar or top with chocolate and chocolate rice. All are equally delicious.

Butter Cake
WuaHaHaHaHAaaaa...the cake that my family and I like. Butter cake, the traditional cake. Honestly, it is very very very delicious!

Black Forest and Fruit Flan Cake
The lesson I like the most. We baked and decorated the cakes by ourselves. After this lesson, I keep on baking black forest cake at home. Hehe, nice mah, and I can practice my decoration skill as well.

Cup Cakes
They are tasty and easy to bake. I think it is great to serve during breakfast or coffee break. Hehe…

Swiss Roll
It was baked in a shallow baking tray. Spread with jam/cream that you like before roll up. I like to eat swill roll as the texture is just like sponge cake, soft and yummy.

Christmas Cake
“We wish you a merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmas,
And a happy New Year.”
Hohohooo… A Christmas celebration should comes with Christmas cake mah. The cake decoration brings out the snowing feel, cool leh!!!

After you learned how to make pizza from this lesson, you can bake it at home. It is simple, just put whatever you like on top and bake it. Hahahaha…

Baked Cheese Cake
My favorite cake. I like cheese…but why har? Cheese is so expensive, and if eat too much, easy to get fat…why why why????

Chiffon Cake
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Orange Chiffon Cake
Such a beautiful chiffon cake, the shape is still nice after taken out from baking pan. The taste was good, especially the pandan chiffon cake.

Not manage to take a nice picture of this as the ice-cream melted so fast.

A certificate was given to all the students after attended the course. We had our graduation ceromony at the center, together with all the foods. Hehe..
I felt much more confident after attended the course and now I am able to bake many types of cake, pastry and more...big thanks to our chef Mr. Bruce Lee for sharing his baking knowledge with us. Yeh!


Hojiak said...

Pretty Decoration
can teach ur decorating technique at ur blog? wisht to learn it

Ah Shui said...

Hello Hojiak,

Decorating technique? No prob, but I have long time don't do cake decoration, when I have the chance, will take the photos and show it in my blog. In the meantime, you can go to search around other's ppl blog for the technique...hehehe..