Potato Bread

Potato Bread
Lovely Potato for my dear
During my study in KL, I always went to buy potato bread from Carrefour Hypermarket. I like their potato bread because of the soft texture and the freshly baked fragrance that can smell from the bread. Although I always baked my own bread at home, but to get a soft texture like the one I ate before is not easy.

Last weekend, I had tried to bake my own Potato Bread. When I put it into my smart oven, I can smell the fragrance after 3 minutes. The fragrance of my potato bread baking was intoxicating. The taste was delicious as well.

Being a bread baker is hard work, but it is tremendously satisfying. I will continue to “study” and learn the bread baking concept until I managed to get the result that I want, just like the soft potato bread that I baked this round.


nabnabnab said...

i've been searching for this recipe all the way the net and couldnt find one like the carrefour's. would u mind sharing the recipe with me? my email is ideology_me@yahoo.co.uk..

nice knowing you, n i love ur blog!
(i love to bake too xD)

Anonymous said...

i've been searching for this recipe too! I live in Australia and I really, really, really miss the Potato Bread from Carrefour. Would it be possible to share it with this homesick Malaysian as well? My email is wenxin@live.com

Anonymous said...

hi there, was wondering if you'd be willing to share this recipe to me as well. i miss it too much! my email is z.chan1@uq.edu.au

thanks so much!

Iman Akef said...

Wow! I also loved them when I went to Malaysia, could you send me your recipe at iman.akef@gmail.com
I have tried several ones before but I want to perfect it.